Children of War

Mansoureh Nasserchian

 We were children of war

Cease-fire was a word for awhile

Between tyranny and light


Ball fires flew like angry dragons

Dead bodies, blood, broken bones

Palms without head part of our history


We were children of war

UN ambassadors hidden in the bar

Saddam, Khomeini, Reagan, puppet players


Torn paper in the schoolyard

Broken dolls in the emergency ward

And a rugged flag in the name of God


We were children of innocent war

Still with open wound we bore

Grown up to be peacekeepers on the earth






Author: mansourehn

I am freelancer and I was radio producer for five years. I produced 110 radio shows both in English and Persian at CHSR FM from 2010-2015. I have been writing for the think tank of "Tahlil Rooz" daily analysis of news located at the U.S mostly in Persian. I write satire, poetry and news analysis mostly about Iran.

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