Thanks Canada for Shutting Down Iran Embassy!

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By Soroor / Mansoureh Nasserchian
Sept. 10, 2012

Iran revolution brought a new anti culture with itself right after its arrival on 1979. Intimidation of the nation was a big goal for the regime.

Spreading the Islamic propaganda started to brainwash the nation through mass media.

The face of society went under a crucial evolution. Islamic regime have brought terror and fear to life of everybody through controling their behaviour, dressing and expressing ideas in schools, universities, private and public sectors even in the families.

Children learned from very early age they should not say certain political things in the public. The nation learned to have a double life. Islamic regime even started to intimidate life of Iranian dissidents outside of Iran.

Brain drain started right after revolution. After 33 years there are more than 6 millions Iranian immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in different parts of the world specially in North America and Europe.

Islamic regime tried to send scholrship students who were part of the regime to the different parts of the world to scrutinize Iranians and report them back in case if they want to come back Iran and they would be punished in case of political activities against the regime.

Iran Embassies have become a great base for the Islamic regime to bring “cultural” events to brainwash Iranians and still watch othem out.

Some embassies like Iran Embassy in Ottawa created “Persian classes” which had the same curriculum from Iran with picture of execution as a “normal” endeavor in grade 2.

Iran Embassy in Ottawa with some rude personnel even intimidated Iranians over the phone when they needed some office works to be done.

When Green Movement happened in June 2009; Iranians inside and outside of Iran who have been disconneted massively due to fear of expressing their political views started to join each other for increasing awareness about human rights violations in Iran; meanwhile, some non Iranians joined them.

Lots of activists in Canada started to bring these issues to attention of the Canadian government.

Thankfully non stop works of individuals like Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Sayeh Hassan and so many other activists paid off and the Canadian Government made a great decision to be with Iran nation and not support Iran regime;therefore, shutting down the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa.

This must be a great example for other countries to not allow the Islamic regime bully their people outside of Iran.

Thank you Canada!



Author: mansourehn

I am freelancer and I was radio producer for five years. I produced 110 radio shows both in English and Persian at CHSR FM from 2010-2015. I have been writing for the think tank of "Tahlil Rooz" daily analysis of news located at the U.S mostly in Persian. I write satire, poetry and news analysis mostly about Iran.

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