Iran Regime is in Verge of Collapse

Iran Regime is in Verge of Collapse

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By Soroor / Mansoureh Nasserchian

June 21, 2012

The propaganda machine of theocratic regime has been functioning very well during last 33 years through media and especially state Television; however, new generation mostly is hungry for uncensored information.

The collapse of regime has been started from June 2009 as social media have been playing a big role on new generation’s life.

Consumerism, cosmetic surgery, fashion, addiction and being indifferent to their own destiny are not attractive anymore to majority of young people who born after revolution.

They want to know and they are ready to remove the regime by their knowledge. Whoever has been causing disturbance to this generation for any reason must be accountable for their act.

This dark spot in history of Iran should be removed by the power of knowledge.

Even, the regime have tried very hard to scatter superstition, taboo and censored information, the new generation has moved to the opposite direction.

This regime is in the verge of collapse!



Author: mansourehn

I am freelancer and I was radio producer for five years. I produced 110 radio shows both in English and Persian at CHSR FM from 2010-2015. I have been writing for the think tank of "Tahlil Rooz" daily analysis of news located at the U.S mostly in Persian. I write satire, poetry and news analysis mostly about Iran.

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